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Our main activities:

1. Ortho-prosthetic training and manufacturing of:

a) SwissLeg below-knee prosthesis;
b) Modular below-knee prosthesis;
c) Above-knee prosthesis;
d) Myoelectric hand prosthesis;
e) 3D printing.

2. Supply of Ortho-prosthetic materials and machines.
3. Planning and establishing of ortho-prosthetic workshops.
4. Research and development of affordable technologies.

1.a) SwissLeg below-knee prosthesis
SwissLimbs adopts the innovative SwissLeg™ technology, which is an affordable and comfortably fitted prosthetic leg with the best quality-to-total-cost ratio in its category. This technology combines high-mobility, an innovative design, a simple and fast manufacturing process, and readily available, light, and durable materials.

- comfortable to walk & run
- custom fitted
- high performance materials
- light design

- 4 hrs production & fitting
- same day service
- minimal maintenance

- few components
- quality assured manufacturing process.

1.b) Modular below-knee prosthesis
SwissLimbs provides modular below-knee prosthetic training and materials. We select and co-design carefully all components to optimise quality-to-cost ratio.

1.c) Above-knee prosthesis
SwissLimbs provides above-knee prosthetic training and materials. We maximise the overall efficiency of ortho-prosthetic workshops and enhance patients' mobility by offering a range of prosthetic technologies, knee-joints and components.

1.d) Myoelectric hand prosthesis; and e) 3D printing
SwissLimbs in collaboration with Mand.ro, provides affordable myoelectric prosthetic hands.
We optimise the performance-to-cost ratio through 3D printing solutions in the benefit of amputees, ortho-prosthetic professionals and centres.

2. Supply of Ortho-prosthetic materials and machines.
SwissLimbs provides affordable machines, tools and materials specially co-designed for developing nations.
3. Planning and establishing of ortho-prosthetic workshops.
SwissLimbs provides turn-key ortho-prosthetic workshops equipped to provide its innovative approach and technological know-how to health care professionals and entities.