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Tanzania - Creation of a network of ortho-prosthetic centers
Following the rehabilitation of the orthopedic center in Mwanza, SwissLimbs started the creation of a network of orthopedic workshops in Tanzania to rehabilitate or support, depending on the needs of the population.
The network of orthopedic centers rehabilitated or supported by SwissLimbs in Tanzania currently includes five:

  • Kagondo – St. Joseph Hospital: Thanks to the support from SwissLimbs, it has been possible to expand the prosthetic center, which is unique in the area, and continue to fund hospitalization and surgical costs for patients with trauma injuries, burns, and congenital orthopedic problems. In 2020, SwissLimbs co-funded a project to equip the workshop with key missing tools, a good working oven, and enough materials to fabricate approximately 80 prosthetic legs, below and above the knee.
  • Shirati – Regional Hospital: SwissLimbs supported the renovation of the machinery of the orthopedic workshop within the Regional Hospital in Shirati. It did so through the supply of machinery: a Podo Mini router machine, a vacuum machine and some small tools for the manufacture of prostheses.
  • Iringa – Orthopedic workshop within the Iringa Regional Referral Hospital: SwissLimbs has co-financed the construction and equipment of the orthopedic workshop with machinery and materials. The workshop is brand new and was built within the Iringa Regional Referral Hospital.
  • Bulongwa – Orthopedic Workshop: SwissLimbs was able to offer them a new router machine, a shoemaker finishing machine, a vacuum machine, and other various materials for the manufacturing of prostheses. 
  • Inuka – Southern Highlands Community Based Rehabilitation Centre: SwissLimbs supported the Inuka workshop by co-funding the purchase of an infrared oven and providing materials for the manufacture of at least 20 legs.
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Creation of a network of ortho-prosthetic centers

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