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Mozambique - The right to exist
The aim of the project is to support, through the supply of auxiliary devices and assistance, the 40 children and adolescents suffering from severe paralysis and disabilities hosted at the "Obra Dom Orione" Institute in Maputo, Mozambique.
The institute "Obra Dom Orione" deals with children suffering from spasticity and with severe motor and cerebral difficulties. Their future is often to die abandoned by their families, due to povery and to the stigma linked to disability. However, those who manage to escape this fate do not have a much brighter future, as in most cases Mozambican children with disabilities are kept hidden at home by family members.

Apart from the "Obra Dom Orione" institute, there are no other institutes in Mozambique that offer the same type of support. 40 disabled children have already found shelter and permanent care in this center, while hundreds of them are treated every year on an outpatient basis. Thanks to the personalized therapies offered, the institute has begun to receive patients who require daytime care, offering even a place to spend their days with dignity. Thanks to the work of the institute, family members of disabled children can then return to work and provide financially for the rest of the family.

The project "The right to exist" aims to support the 40 children guests of the institute with the supply of custom-made walking devices and orthoses, and the training of orthopedic technicians in the management and maintenance of these devices.
Project title
Right to exist

Project start

Phase I: Municipalities of Canton Ticino, Del Don Foundation, Alessandro Ghiggia Foundation and donations
Phase II: Ongoing fundraising

Thematic sector
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Orthopedic training

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