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Tanzania - The Mwanza Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop
SwissLimbs has rehabilitated the MPOW Orthopedic Center in Mwanza, which provides a full range of orthopedic services and serves as a supply center for orthopedic equipment for the entire region.
Mwanza is a small Tanzanian city located on Lake Victoria, in a region that includes a population of 10 million people, but faces an extreme shortage of functioning physical rehabilitation clinics.

To address this issue, in 2018 SwissLimbs began rehabilitating the facilities of the Mwanza Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop (MPOW), supplying it with all the necessary machinery and materials for its operation, as well as a mobile clinic that can serve the areas surrounding the city.

The workshop was inaugurated in 2019 in the presence of several local dignitaries and is now fully functional. In fact, the MPOW has become a hub for people with disabilities in the Lake Victoria area and also serves as a supply center for other orthopedic workshops in Tanzania and neighboring countries.

His manager - the orthopedic technician Claude Mushi - is one of the SwissLimbs' trainers, leading numerous training missions both in Tanzania and in SwissLimbs' other project countries.
Project title
The Mwanza Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop

Project start

Kammea Association, Swiss Family Foundation and Medicor Foundation

Thematic sector
Orthopedic rehabilitation
Orthopedic training

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