“I lost both my legs above the knee and two fingers from my right hand. I was walking on the street and suddenly I felt something below my feet; it was a landmine…” Ali, 25 years old man from Syria.


“My name is Basel Ali, I’m married with two children. I’m 25 years old from Syria. I used to be a tailor. Six months ago, I was walking down a road in my hometown in Syria, when suddenly I felt something below my feet, it was a landmine. The explosion blew both of my legs off, above the knee, my right ring finger and part of the thumb of my right hand”

Mr. Ali is a man of few words. After his ordeal left him maimed of both legs and one hand, he felt his hopes also been blown away, losing his home and his job. He is now anxious to resume his life being able to walk again on his new prosthetic legs. His dearest desire is to go back to his home in Syria. In Jordan, he is just a refugee with no home, job or hope. Ali is a very courageous young man who does not linger on what he has lost and his past, he rather looks ahead towards a new future.
Mr. Ali is immensely grateful to SwissLimbs for fitting him with his first pair of new legs. He was fitted with two above knee SwissLimbs Prostheses during the Al-Bashir Mission in August 2017.